I am a native Israeli and a mother of a wonderful boy. In Israel, I was working in a business industry as a production manager and in advertising, publishing and management.   I came to the USA in 2003 and my first holiday celebration was at the Chabad house of Rabbi Langer and his wife Hinda. Thanks to their warm hospitality, I felt immediately belonging to the community. Even after my son graduated from Shalom School, we continue to maintain contact with this wonderful community.

My life changed when my son was born and I suddenly became a mother for the first time. I was the happiest woman in the world and promised myself that I would do everything to raise and educate him in the best possible way. I decided to study childhood education and I just loved every subject, and I found that I could be good at it.

In 2008, I started teaching Hebrew language, Torah study, Israeli, and Jewish culture to my students, whether they be children or adults.  I am experienced in working in both Orthodox, Conservative and Reform environments and I feel that it gives me a unique ability to bring together students from varying backgrounds and unite them in the excitement of learning about their shared heritage.

I love working with young children and I’m very excited when I see a child’s eyes light up when they learn or try something new.

My relationship with education became stronger and I enjoy every moment!