Being in the classroom with children is my life for 29 years.  In Gan Rimon, our toddler classroom,  I give all my love and warmth to each child I care for.  Each day that goes by I have the opportunity to give life skills to our children and the social emotional foundation for their future.  Whether through teaching brushstrokes to our toddlers or playing keyboard for our daily dancing time – we have fun learning and growing every day.  Rapport and happiness are the most important ways of ensuring that children will absorb the curriculum that we present.

I’m a music specialist and trained to develop children’s appreciation of songs and using their own voices. This creates energy, motivation and high spirits.   Our physical activities are designed to stimulate kids’ muscles and neuro-receptors.  This leads to earlier speech, helping with balance in the vestibular system, gross motor development and even enhances math skills!   I have a BA in teaching and Music Certificate from the Ministry of Education in Belarus. In SF, I acquired my Early Childhood Education Associate Degree and Site Supervisor Permit.

Shalom School has become so much a part of my life! For over 9 years, I’ve worked with a great team of teachers.