Shalom School gives great beginnings to your child.

From our toddlers in Gan Rimon to our 3’s in Torah Tots and 4’s in Mitzva Mavens, we are working with all of the topics in developmentally appropriate practice for each age.

  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Private conferences on your child’s achievements and progress twice a year


Language is the basic skill of communicating with others and the outside world.  We form our thoughts and feelings through language.  It is an essential tool that is being developed in every moment of our Pre-Kindergarten classroom. At this unique age of 4/5, the Art of Language Learning includes:

  • speech formation by hearing and reproducing sounds
  • expressing thoughts in sentences
  • telling stories
  • new word vocabulary extension
  • cognitive development through inquiry-based learning
  • beginning reading through phonics and whole language visual skills
  • helping English language learners in a supportive and accepting environment

We have a ratio of 1 teacher for 6/8 children depending on enrollment.  Each child has one-on-one time during the day as well as in groups for all activities.


One of the new yardsticks for success is EQ – The ability to manage your own emotions and recognize and respond appropriately to the emotions of those around you.  On the preschool level, this is one of the major areas of your child’s development.   This makes so much more sense, whereas for so long, schools were focused on IQ and competency in academics as markers for future achievement. Our teachers are all loving but firm. They understand children’s emotions and how to teach your child skills of self-regulation as they grow from toddlers to attending Pre-Kindergarten.

Emotional Intelligence learning include:

  • cooperating with others
  • respecting the feelings, belongings and personal space of other children
  • learning to identify and manage one’s own feelings
  • knowing how to build friendships and positive relationships with adults and peers
  • respecting parents, teachers, and adults


Shalom School offers your child all of the creative arts – visual, musical, sculpture and performance arts of singing and dancing. Several of our teachers are professional musicians and singers who create exciting holiday shows for parents – sometimes live at our frequent school parties or occasionally on video through a volunteer parent videographer.

Creative Arts learning includes:

  • self-expression through all types of paint and paper media available daily
  • following and developing preferences in crafts
  • developing techniques for three-dimensional paper and clay art
  • singing songs daily and listening to music
  • guided play with musical instruments
  • maker’s space area for 3 – 5-year-olds for free expression


Location, location, location – Shalom School is next door to 3/4 acre recently renovated Fulton Playground and 1/2 block from Golden Gate Park.  We have our own backyard outdoor space with play structures also.

Fun outdoors includes

  • climbing rope structures
  • several slides
  • swings
  • seesaws
  • merry-go-round cycle
  • good sportsmanship
  • parachute play with balls
  • safety practices


Children minds are open to new information and we are developing and following their curiosity about nature and the rest of the world.

This includes:

  • exploration of earth and ecosystems
  • observing weather and climates
  • planets, stars, and their physical features
  • observe live organisms as they grow – plants, trees, butterflies, and fish

Identify and learn about:

  • shapes and sorting
  • primary colors, mixing colors
  • counting and quantities
  • sequences and patterns
  • parts/whole/fractions
  • matching, sorting and creating and reading charts
  • comparisons
  • measurements


  • Shabbat party each Friday morning in all classes
  • celebrating and learning about all Jewish holidays and traditions, Purim, Passover, Chanukah, etc.
  • art and projects centered around understanding all holidays and Shabbat
  • weekly Shabbat box goes to a family in every classroom each week to celebrate at home on Friday, sharing on Mondays about their experiences in circle time
  • Hebrew Alphabet – letter recognition and phonics
  • songs and vocabulary in Hebrew
  • shows and presentations with songs and plays for all holidays for parents in the classes
  • presentations to seniors in Rhoda Goldman Plaza
  • Torah stories and projects
  • learning about the Land of Israel, its’ cities, and culture

ALL OF THIS ADDS UP TO AN AMAZING AND FUN way to learn, grow and develop knowledge and skills.

Parent feedback from kindergarten entry evaluations gives us ‘flying colors’ for Shalom School’s effective preparation when their children are going on to their ‘next steps’ up the educational ladder.

Mora Ella Kasminskaya

Mora Danielle Bohnik

Mora Dasha Abacumova

Mora Lena Zuyeva Rios

Mora Karen Herrarte

Mora Maritza Garcia

Mora Mayrav Man

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